I am not a victim of my past, unless I choose to let the ego run my mind — which is what I usually do because the ego does not want me to remember that I really have a choice in lending the power of my mind — the immeasurable strength of my belief — to either the fear of ego or the Love of God…..

It makes perfect sense to me that a non-dual spiritual teaching like “A Course in Miracles,” which tells me that “I am not a body,” does not make use of the body for meditation purposes. My body nevertheless reflects the peace of mind acquired during meditation by feeling relaxed and deeply at rest…..

The ego thrives by hiding an ugly truth from us: we need suffering and pain in order to sustain our belief in the separation from God – our Oneness in Heaven.
Our painful existence ‘proves’ that Heaven is an illusion, that God, if He exists, must be a very cruel person indeed…..

I still believe there is a meaning to life beyond mere physical existence. And I believe true happiness is not only possible but absolutely natural.
It cannot be achieved or found because in reality it is what we already and forever are. ….

The mind creates a world of time and space but the mind does not live in time or space.
The mind is not a linear process, it doesn’t follow a path, it never changes. Change is the first illusion, and every form of fear depends on it…..

I think “Living in the Moment” is a state of mind that we are blissfully not aware of when we’re really in it. If we know we’re in it, we’re really out of it, because then we are divided in thought…..

We exist here by the grace of our thoughts.
We perceive only what we project on a deeper level of mind.
The power of mind makes it all seem totally real but it is not reality…..

Love is the greatest mystery in life. I mean, to love is quite natural but our life is not quite so natural. We identify ourselves with the ego but the ego cannot love at all…..

Peace is the natural state of mind,
lack of peace the normal state.
The whole art of living consists
in making the natural more normal…..

On my departure I want it said:
Don’t make too much fuss about this. I’m fine.
So are you.
No matter what we seem to experience here none of it is real…..