At the core of it all

A Meditation

When the mind is at peace, the world too is at peace. Nothing real, nothing absent. Not holding on to reality, not getting stuck in the void, you are neither holy or wise, just an ordinary fellow who has completed his work. Layman P’ang (740–808) from The Enlightened Heart: An Anthology of Sacred Poetry by Stephen Mitchell

The world does not exist outside my own mind. What appears to me as a world is at every moment the faithful representation of my thoughts. This goes as far as imagining myself here in a mortal body. In human form I represent thoughts of separation that started in my mind long before this body was born and, unless I am inexplicably struck by enlightenment, will go on after its death.

When I see a world of pain and suffering I see an image made up of my insane thoughts, which are the inevitable result of my decision to exist separate from God’s Love, Peace and Happiness – separate from the one and only reality that is God. In reality this never happened because it is impossible, but the power of mind, the mind I still share with God, is making this living hell of separation a totally convincing experience, like a nightmare from which I cannot escape – until I decide to accept the Truth again.

This is where meditation and mystical prayer prove to be of great practical value in taking away from hell its only reason for existence: my mad defense against the Truth. Each moment of inner peace calms down the storms of madness in my mind. And because the mind is one, any moment of peace anytime, anywhere is bringing healing to everybody’s mind all the time, everywhere.

I make the world and I am responsible for bringing it to peace.

By allowing my mind to become still and peaceful all my dark insanity is exposed to the light of Truth that lives in me forever. This is a meeting of love in which even the most horrible illusion of separation is forgiven and instantly dissolved. It is always the Whole that heals. Anything less will not do. Wholeness is total and impersonal, but more intimate than any notion of selfhood.

When I see a happy world, my real thoughts are represented. These are the loving thoughts I share with God and all of His creation.

No-one can be left behind. No-one attains enlightenment on his own, awakens all by himself or goes to Heaven alone. All this rising of awareness is just another word for healing, and healing restores the one and only mind to its Wholeness.