Everything is in our mind

tl;dr: Everything we take for real is only a thought in the mind. Reality is peace beyond understanding.

Everything exists for us only when it is somehow thought, felt, imagined, or perceived in our mind. We usually think the world exists outside our mind, which is supposed to live as a brain in the body, but we do not have any independent evidence for that.

We only know about the world and the body through our mind. Whether anything exists beyond our mind we do not know. We do, in fact, not know reality. We only know what is formed within the concept of time. All concepts exist in the mind but the mind itself is beyond concepts and therefore beyond time.

If the mind is beyond time it cannot exist dualistically (having a beginning and end), it can only BE — a non-dual reality.

That means all things we take for real exist in fact simultaneously in the mind — in the totality of now.

The past, too, only exists now. Memories were not stored in the mind somewhere in the past but are thoughts being formed right now. Without the divisive concept of time there can be no sequence of cause and effect and so now we are stuck with the non-duality (and therefore non-causality) of one mind.

If only the one mind is real then everything is a thought and all thoughts exist simultaneously in the timeless mind: The Big Bang, the universe, the billions of years of evolution, all small events and big disasters, our body and our brain, all our past and future lives in which we are being born and die every time all over again, including our ‘last’ incarnation in which we ‘finally’ attain enlightenment. The spiritual journey ends when we fully realize we never left our real Home.

There are no new or ‘original’ thoughts because everything already exists now. Being carried away by the current of time and oblivion in our dream of separation we can only become conscious of anything after some time has passed. Then we think we have seen or thought of something new but it is all already there. Because we have forgotten where we really are – here now – we seem to be following a script of endless fragmentation and dispersion that leads us deeper and deeper into separation. This whole complex illusion is devised in one moment by the immeasurable power of creation of the eternal mind but none of it can exist in reality. A silly little dream that immediately must have been laughed away – except by us. 

We still take this infinitesimally small mistake very seriously, because we unconsciously fear the infinite Being that we really are will be the end of us as an individual person. The illusion of separation, symbolised by the ego, knows it will be totally undone when brought into the light of truth. And that’s why we needed to make a totally convincing physical world illusion, projected unconsciously outside the mind, to keep us here fanatically self-imprisoned. Like the prisoners in Plato’s famous Allegory of the Cave we are fully prepared to kill our saviors just to keep the illusion intact.

Dilapidated pyramids, overgrown ruins and mossy gravestones are the physical expression of our collective belief in time. The Egyptian royal tombs are now being excavated in the rocks and extensively decorated, now for ages being covered with sand, and now discovered again by archeologists. All of this is happening in the form of thoughts that the thinking mind is staging somewhere in the dream of time. The Egyptian pharaoh and the ‘I’ reading this are experiencing the same dream at this same moment – together with Genghis Khan, Napoleon and all the other famous or nameless dreamers.

Time is a thought structure, made by thinking in terms of separation, that in our reality of Oneness is absolutely impossible. Only in our dream of bodily existence do we experience it as real. Without time we don’t exist as an individual. Without time there is no fear, no threat, no aggression. Without time everything is One Love.