I don’t have to earn God’s Love

I don’t have to earn God’s Love because not for a moment would it be possible to exist apart from Love. 

Yet, if I do not experience God’s Love right now it’s because I have forgotten to accept His Love as my reality.

I prefer to see myself as separate from Him and outside the undivided reality of Heaven.

The mind that believes in separation makes every thought into a defense against healing, atonement, enlightenment and salvation. 

No matter how insane, this works because I usually seem to take this hell very much for real.

To reverse the situation I have to let go of all my defense thoughts, which are really thoughts of attack on wholeness.

Even a tiny step of willingness already results in a different experience when the illusion of separation is losing its grip on me.

Illusions only have the mental power I am willing to lend to them.