I know how it works

tl;dr: Seeing that the ego does not serve my true interests I can choose differently.

I know how it works in ego land.

I demand something I think is rightfully mine, like a favor you cannot refuse me.

If you give me what I want, I win, you lose.

If you don’t, you are guilty of my disappointment and loss, while I am the wholly innocent victim of your cruelty. I win, you lose.

The ego always wins, one way or the other, at its own game of separation, but it never makes me really happy. 

On a deeper level of consciousness the separation between us always hurts, but I still believe the ego is right.

Welcome to hell — thinks the ego, while telling me this is heaven.

I need to become aware that the ego does not serve my true interests. It’s all an illusion. 

Every instant I can choose to let go of my belief in the ego and discover Heaven in ‘myself’ through ‘you’, because in reality we are not a body but One Mind, One Love, One Happiness.

I know how it works, but freeing myself through you, and yourself through me, takes constant practice.

Relax, in this illusory world nothing is perfect but we’re working on it through forgiveness and with the blessing of Heaven upon us.