Love is the greatest mystery

Love is the greatest mystery in life. 

I mean, to love is quite natural but our life is not quite so natural.

We identify ourselves with the ego but the ego cannot love at all.

That is why we don’t trust Love.

To the ego Love is the enemy.

Yet, Love is what we experience when we let go of ego thoughts.


What is a good life?

A sign of a good life is that without any external cause, and often in spite of external circumstances, we experience moments of quiet happiness, just like that.

To experience quiet happiness or joyful peace we need to have trust and faith; that is, loving trust and loving faith.

Again, it is the ego that has no notion of loving trust and faith.

Yet, the ego is just a thought – the thought of separation and death – which exists only because we believe it’s the nature of our reality.

Without our belief the ego is absolutely nothing, not even a dream of itself.

Now we have at least an idea where to start.

We have to choose our allegiance again, and again, and again.

Our choice will bring all the loving help we need, but it always starts with us, because Love will never go against our wishes.

It is our wish to identify with the ego, or not.