Making sense

Most of what we learn in life is not really worth remembering. That realization is in itself a great relief. If you then also happen to find that you’re never too old to learn about everything that does not matter at all, your life is becoming lighter, and also more meaningful.

It makes sense to laugh and it makes sense to just love.

When I don’t know anymore what’s to laugh about, it can only be because I’m taking myself much too seriously, again. High time to look at myself with an open mind.

Looking with an open mind is looking with love, and that is the only way to give real meaning to anything. The reason for existence of all the appearances in this world is to be seen in this way. It’s this vision that enables the mind to let go of its overpowering projection, restoring me to my freedom.

That’s why I enjoy those unguarded moments when the tendency to immediately judge everything gently drops away by itself: only being quietly aware, without making choices, just as innocent as on the day I was born.