No one is left behind

tl;dr: Your greatest victory is admitting the defeat of all your opinions.

When someone realizes Oneness, it means there never was anything else. No past, no future, no others, no fear or guilt, no separation in any which way. Nothing that needs to or can be done except being One.

To think that you (talking to myself) as ‘an unenlightened human being’ are not part of another’s realization, is an illusion of separation. In reality you are One and never were anything else.

When will you accept it? That is the only choice you have in this illusion, although in reality you accepted instantly. All that time you have wasted here suffering in procrastination simply never happened, because you are not what you think you are. You are dreaming, Stan.

You could start by admitting the defeat of all your opinions, and that would really be your greatest victory, and the only one you ever need. Your own fearful judgments are blocking your insight. “Removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence” is what it’s all about, according to the Introduction to A Course in Miracles.

No one is left behind, because reality cannot be divided. If it is real, it is One.

Stan (writing a letter to himself)