The world does not exist outside my own mind. What appears to me as a world is at every moment the faithful representation of my thoughts. This goes as far as imagining myself here in a mortal body…..

Seeing fear as the enemy will keep it very much alive. It’s like fighting the ego and thereby only reinforcing it because fighting is nothing but ego…..

The more I fear or hate something,
the more I attract it.
The more I try to get rid of anything,
the more I get involved with it.
This is how hell works…..

Is there anyone around today, not an infant anymore, who is not living in the past? I never see what is now. My perception is exclusively based on thoughts of the past…..

I don’t have to earn God’s Love because not for a moment would it be possible to exist apart from Love…..

In stillness we awaken from the dream of restlessness.
A noisy mind is fast asleep, not aware of anything, completely caught up in the chaotic dream world of its own making…..

Whatever I have truly loved in time
is now part of me forever.
Love is the only reality, and
Love’s creations are eternal…..

Forgiveness means not more or less than this:
For a moment I have allowed the Holy Spirit that lives deep in me, to come to the surface of my mind.
I have no need for any form of judgment.
I feel at peace with myself and the world…..

Do you believe in God?
Of course I do.
God is the only reality.
This whole world of separation is just an illusion that we seem to share…..

Why are we here?
The only reason we are here, is to learn to trust in what we really, really are.
In this world of separation we cannot know what we really are but we can learn to trust our true reality…..