Spiritual testament

On my departure I want it said:

Don’t make too much fuss about this. I’m fine.                                                      

So are you.     

No matter what we seem to experience here none of it is real.

Only illusions seem to appear and disappear.

Reality is what it is forever.

It’s changeless, has no form and cannot die.

There is only one Reality and God or Supreme Brahman is still a good name for it.

God is not different from us but in our present state we cannot imagine what we really are.

There is no self, no individual you or me.

Neither are we a body or a brain.

We are Spirit, One and indivisible.

Reality can only create more of itself.

We are God’s ever expanding Love, Peace and Happiness.

In this world, however, we are constantly on the run from our own Reality and only take for real what we see, having completely forgotten that we made it so.

Illusions are of our own making. They are unreal, they do not exist at all, but our belief gives these thoughts power over our mind. It is a desperate attempt to get away from Oneness as far as possible.

Why would we do this? Why would we prefer to be insane?

Only tremendous fear can be the cause of so much madness.

By way of explanation for what really makes no sense we might say it all started when a wild idea came up in the all-powerful mind: What would happen if we were separate from God? Could we take over His power and get rid of Him?

Nothing would have happened if we hadn’t taken this crazy thought seriously, but we did.

Terrible fear and overwhelming guilt were the immediate result. Because these emotions were unbearable they had to be projected outside our own mind, which made us hide from God in an imaginary world of ever increasing separation.

Now we can only perceive the physical universe we have projected, identify with a perishable body and feel threatened by everything all around and even inside us.

It was all over before it even began and it never was real, yet this is the guilty dream we experience here.

In order to escape from it we must become familiar with the mechanics of the ego thought system that keeps us caught up in the projection of its own fear.

We also must learn to trust that we are nothing but Love. And through forgiveness we put it all into practice.

Forgiveness means we only have eyes for what is real and overlook everything that is not.

Every moment we put all our faith in the illusion of separation and every moment we can choose again how to play our part in the world of our own projection, until we truly awake.

So, what I want to say, boils down to this:

Do not forget to laugh.

Sin and guilt are our own invention to keep us imprisoned in this fearful dream.

Forgive everybody for what they did not do, because it is our own projection.

Remember we are Spirit, we are Love, and the world never happened.