The world as mirror

tl;dr: Life is thought. We see only what we think.

God did not create the world. We are doing that, constantly, every moment again, without even realizing it.

We project our loveless thoughts immediately and unconsciously outside the mind, making it seem as if a horrible world exists outside of us, which we can physically perceive and experience in all its endless division and fragmentation, but which in fact only reflects the desolation of our unconsciously cherished illusion of separation.

There is no world, or anything whatsoever, outside the mind. Mind is the only reality and reality is nothing but perfect Love, eternal and changeless. We may call it God, but not some god separate from us. We are not an individual body but one mind, one with God. Oneness is something we cannot understand because all understanding is dualistic and reality is One – purely non-dualistic, no subject, no object, no differences.

The world of separate things is an impossibility with which the limitless mind once played for a moment by thinking of separation. That was simply a foolish idea that in reality was immediately gone, but it was a mistake to take it seriously for just a tiny little moment. In the illusion of separation we are reliving over and over again that moment when we took the idea of an existence apart from God seriously. That is why we unconsciously feel frightfully guilty toward our Creator. God as idea represents everything we are afraid of – and many religions are gratefully exploiting it to keep us imprisoned in the terrible illusion of guilt and sin.

Thinking in terms of separation also means that we take ourselves very seriously as unique and special individuals. This illusory existence as an individual is what makes the fear of God possible. Oneness surely has nothing to fear from itself. Because we take ourselves so seriously we rather die as an individual body than merging without any separate identity into the boundless Oneness that we are. As if that would make any difference in reality, because we remain, of course, simply what we are: inseparably and safely One with God.

Since we started – as one mind – to believe in the illusion we have the opportunity to see everything always in two totally different ways, of which only one happens to be based on the truth.

The first way is to condemn to our heart’s content everything in the world that we do not want to accept in our own mind, and to imagine ourselves as the world’s innocent victim. The violence in the world thus certainly proves that we are innocent. Death, then, is the ultimate proof that we are not more than the brain function of a body. With that we have made ourselves completely mindless and now we can remain unconscious of the cause of our suffering that exists in us.

The second way sees the world as the mirror of our soul. In that vision all things we perceive and experience are a learning tool to become acquainted with the source of our suffering: the loveless thoughts of guilt, sinfulness and fear we unconsciously harbor in our mind but totally refuse to accept of ourselves and therefore immediately project outside of us. If we remember what we really are – if we realize that the world does not exist and that absolutely everything, no matter what, never happened – we can finally forgive ourselves and therefore cannot anymore project our guilt onto others. With that, the other is at once forgiven, too. We always can only accept forgiveness for ourselves, because we are one mind and the so-called other is what we are. We can forgive everything precisely because it does not really exist.

The world will instantly reflect our inner change. Externally the physical eye may not notice anything different but instead of aggression and hate we recognize in everything and everyone either an expression of love or – if it appears in the form of fear, hate or aggression – simply a call for love. We will interpret everything in terms of love instead of hate because that is what we now project. The world is still not more than a thought and we see only what we think, down to the deepest level.