We are all using the same mind

tl;dr: The physical universe of time and space is nothing more than "such stuff as dreams are made on."

We believe we each have our own private thoughts, but we are all using the same mind.

As long as we see ourselves as separate from each other we are not awake to our reality but are taking part in the dream of separation that the one mind is dreaming. As such, we have reduced ourselves to figures in the dream thinking only the so-called private thoughts the one mind is presenting to each of us. We simply follow the script like the characters in a film projected on a screen. As dream figures, aka “individual persons”, we do not have free will, we have no agency, and we cannot really think (Of course we think we can, but that’s all).

As dream figures we do not know each other’s thoughts, but the one mind, with which we think, and which made these thoughts, knows everything.

So much for the mystery of Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance”, the “Akashic records”, vivid memories of “past” lives, or “paranormal” abilities, all of which is quite normal for an undivided mind.

In reality we are not dream figures, of course. We are the one mind that is dreaming up our world with everything of the so-called past, present and future thrown in all at once. The physical universe of time and space is nothing more than “such stuff as dreams are made on.”

If I identify with the reality of one mind I do have a free will and can choose between illusion and truth by deciding which inner guidance I want to follow. If I believe in the ego, I have nothing but thoughts of separation, which are the one and only cause of suffering. If I realize God created me as Spirit, a pure extension of Himself, I will remember Oneness and the state of mind called “Heaven.”

That’s why as the one mind – again, not as an illusory “person” (an all too common and often harmful misunderstanding) – I am responsible for my own salvation. As one mind I have the power to change my mind about the world I made, and my temporary experience of it will change accordingly.