Why do you always live in the past?

Is there anyone around today, not an infant anymore, who is not living in the past?

I never see what is now. My perception is exclusively based on thoughts of the past, otherwise I wouldn’t know and recognize anything; everything would be totally new to me, all the time.

On the other hand, I am always building my past again from scratch the moment I think. The past never exists on its own somewhere outside the mind. Otherwise it wouldn’t have a name, a form, a location, or anything recognizable that makes it part of our universe.

It’s fear that keeps my thought system sticking to the same petrified pattern, making it seem like things in the past are set forever.

But when I choose to change, letting go of old, worn-out and fearful thoughts, my past changes with me. Then I might call it a living past.

If I want to do justice to human beings of the past I should see them as fully alive, naturally changing the past they live. That’s the example I need from them.

In terms of reincarnation I can only see some, not always nicer, version of myself back in the many different and opposing roles that seem to be played out in the past of all living beings.

That makes it a lot easier to overlook any sin and forgive myself and the other person that I perhaps once was or will be in another life.